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SK All Natural Skincare

Did you know skin absorbs up to 94% of what is put on it?  That's why SK Natural Skincare feels natural is best. 
Founder and CEO Lauri Johnson was unable to find an effective, natural product to contend with the hot climate of Arizona. So she decided to create her own!  Her line of products, SK All Natural Skincare, are formulated to keep skin smooth and moisturized without containing harsh chemicals.  
Lauri graduated from Western Washington University in 1992 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  Using these skills she developed her line of all natural, vegan and primarily organic products. 
You will never find a synthetic fragrance, colorant or artificial ingredient in any of SK Natural Skincare products. At SK we strive to make all products in small batches and with the finest ingredients available to ensure freshness. Your skin will feel the difference!