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​​Frequently Asked Questions 

How long should my spray tan last?

The average result is 7-10 days of color. Factors such as skin type, activities and maintenance can cause your results to vary. 

Is spray tanning safe?

Yes. The main ingredient in our sunless tanning product is known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a simple non-toxic sugar. It is often derived from plant sugar sources such as sugar beets or sugar cane. 

How long does an airbrush spray tanning session take?

A full body session with set up can be accomplished in 25-30 minutes. This includes set up and clean up. 

​Preparation and Application

  • Thoroughly exfoliate and shave prior to your appointment. 

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes and undergarments following your appointments. 
  • The cosmetic bronzer may rub off on your clothing, however it will come out  of most fabrics, excluding silks and nylons. 
  • Avoid wearing make up and moisturizers on the day of your appointment, as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the color from developing properly. 
  • Sensitivity could occur if you have shaved or waxed within 8 hours of your session. If you haven't experienced issues with sensitivity related to self tanning products in the past you should be fine. 

Maintaining Your Tan

  • Wait at least 8-12 hours before showering. 
  • Avoid long, hot showers and excessive scrubbing of the skin. Pat your skin dry after showering. 
  • Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs can remove or shorten the longevity of your tan. 
  • Take care when exercising as friction and excess sweat may cause your tan to fade prematurely or unevenly. 

Full Body Airbrush Tanning 


Who doesn’t want a natural, beautiful tan that lasts a week or more and doesn’t look like you were shot with orange or brown paint? Even better is a tan that doesn’t damage the skin by causing sun spots, premature aging, or skin cancer. Airbrush tanning offers a seamless tan that looks natural and is safe to utilize regularly. Many people think airbrush tanning and spray tanning are the same thing but in actuality are very different.

Spray tanning can trend toward orange in many cases and often results in streaking. One achieves this “tan” by stepping into a spray tanning booth where an automated machine sprays the person down head to toe. The fumes can be pretty intense. Spray tanning booths typically offer one type of tanning solution for every skin type, which clearly is a problem for anyone looking for a custom tan. In the spray tanning booth, the person inside needs to flail their arms and legs around to try and get an evenly coated tan with not enough tanning solution or enough time to cover the entire body adequately. It takes up to three sessions to get an even tan (which is too dark in color) compared to one session for an airbrush tan.

In addition to only needing one session for an airbrush spray tan to achieve desired results, airbrush spray tanning offers custom-mixed color for each client. Each client has their airbrush tan applied by highly skilled and trained airbrush tanning specialists whom carefully spray their entire body evenly and beautifully. The main ingredient used in our sunless tanning product is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a simple and non-toxic sugar derived from sugar beets and sugar cane so our clients need not worry about dangerous chemicals being sprayed onto them. Our airbrush tans typically last 7-10 days depending on skin type, lifestyle, and how well one maintains his or her tan. In the long run, custom airbrush tanning is not only a better quality tan but is a better value too. For a single airbrush tan the cost is $40. We offer a special of $25 on Tuesdays. In addition, we offer a limitless referral rewards program where you save $10 off your next tan for each tanning referral. 

Basically, airbrush tanning is truly the better route. Your skin won’t be damaged or turn out the wrong shade of tan. We believe custom airbrush tanning is beneficial to anyone looking for a natural looking tan that compliments their skin tone. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your airbrush tanning needs!